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Mobile Phone Spy - How A Mobile Phone Can Be Your Personal James Bond?

Mobile Phone Spy - How A Mobile Phone Can Be Your Personal James Bond?

We all know how the security and intelligence services work! But a normal person cannot think of affording a James Bond obviously to save the day or protect himself or his family from evil forces. It’s all in the movies right? So let’s be practical here! Whether an employer or a parent in charge; the most alarming issue of concern among the employers and parents is, the growing mobile phone usage. If you ever wished you could get a spy agent like Bond who could get you out of this misery, then, how about if I tell you a mobile phone spy do exist?

And When You Are Choosing, Keep a Few Things in Mind!

Well obviously, as with most of the people, people do some research and read reviews online of the product they are going to purchase. Definitely in this case as well a mobile phone spy which has neat reviews or is endorsed by someone will be preferred. So when you have decided to make a purchase make sure it spies all that you desire in an app. I reckon you want to monitor Call logs, SMS and IM logs, Location details and media files shared etc. If that’s a yes then I can endorse you one good spy software named StealthGenie which pretty much meets up the expectations and has amazing mobile tracking techniques.

What One Should Know About StealthGenie

StealthGenie is powerful spy software which works in completely invisible mode no matter where in the world you are. It only requires one-time installation and will be all up and running right from that instant. The compatibility of this app is widespread involves adherence with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry so compatibility issue shouldn’t be much of a problem. Below are some of the elite features of StealthGenie.

· SMS, IM chats and e-mail records

· Record phone surroundings

· Remote phone lock

· Geo-location, Geo-Fencing & complete location history

· SIM change alerts

· Multimedia files

· Web history information

· Trigger word alerts

· Remote access to control panel

· Remote data backup and deletion

· Spy call

· Call history & contacts details

· Remote control on target phone apps

· Remote activation and deactivation

Though Devious, But it’s All Legal!

So StealthGenie gets my vote with being the best mobile phone spy app as yet. Though installing a spy app into someone phone is a bit sneaky thing to do but you have got all the more reasons to spy on your kids as well as your employees. For More information log onto Stealthgenie.com and review the product in detail.