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A Beneficial Thing for your Child; Your Favorite iPhone Tracking App

I am really fond of iPhone handsets. Splendid looks and great features play a major part in the success of iPhone handsets. Being quite expensive, parents normally avoid buying their children with an iPhone but if a parent has bought their child with an iPhone, they wish for it to be a beneficial thing for their child. Long story cut short, if parents wish to make sure that their child puts their iPhone to good use, then they need the help of an iPhone tracking app StealthGenie.

Helping Parents:

An iPhone tracking app helps parents keep a close eye on the cell phone activities of their children. This app gets installed in the iPhone of your child and does not even let your child find out about it. It runs secretly in the background of your child’s cell phone without disrupting any features inside it. StealthGenie works well with all the iPhone models running on an operating system of iOS 4.0 or higher. iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models are all included in this.

How to Use StealthGenie?

You need to jail break your iPhone handset first if you wish to avail the services of StealthGenie. To get started with StealthGenie, you must start by signing-up for an account with this iPhone tracking app. Next you need to install this app in your child’s iPhone. Once all this is done, you only need an internet connection and a StealthGenie User ID and password to view all the data present in the cell phone of your child.

Messenger Chats and Phone Data:

All the G-talk conversations of children as well as all the pictures, videos and audio files present in their iPhone are shown to you by StealthGenie.

SMS Messages:

With children being pretty fond of SMS messaging, getting hold of all their SMS messages records is a bonus. StealthGenie provides parents with all the messages saved in the Inbox, Drafts and Sent Box of their child’s cell phone. Any SMS message deleted by your child from their iPhone is also shown to parents through their online StealthGenie account.

Necessary Actions:

An iPhone tracking app keeps parents updated with all the cell phone activities of their children whenever they want to. If children use their iPhone for any unethical or wrong thing, parents will be notified immediately and then they can take necessary actions against it.

A Beneficial Thing for your Child; Your Favorite iPhone Tracking App