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A Pleasant Lifestyle With The Support Of Mobile Phone Monitoring Software

A Pleasant Lifestyle With The Support Of Mobile Phone Monitoring Software

A major problem that we see in our society nowadays is the attitude of children, especially teenagers, with their parents. Kids do take parents for granted and when they enter their teens, they believe that they know more things than anyone else. This is the time when a close eye needs to be kept on your kid and this can be done with ease once you use the support of a mobile phone monitoring software StealthGenie.

What Is StealthGenie?

What is StealthGenie basically? If this is the question that is crossing your mind for the past few minutes, then let me answer it. StealthGenie is basically a pretty strong mobile phone monitoring software for your child’s cell phone that provides you with uninterrupted access to their cell phone at all times. This software is really small in size and it takes even less than five minutes to get installed inside your kid’s cell phone. Without even disturbing any feature of your kid’s cell phone, this software monitors their activities without letting them even find out about it.

Suitable Handsets:

Latest Android phones from LG, Google, Huawei, Samsung, hTC, Dell, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Philips, Toshiba, Sony, Asus and others having Android OS 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4.0 and the latest 4.1 as well work amazingly well alongside this app. StealthGenie even runs fantastically well with iPhone models up to iPhone 5 as well as latest Blackberry phones.

Basic Features:

All pictures, videos and audio files stored inside your kid’s cell phone are presented to you. You may even view all the phone numbers that are stored inside the cell phone of your child. StealthGenie even provides parents with all the e-mail messages of their kids along with their entire web browsing history.

Live Surroundings:

One of the most popular features of StealthGenie is “Live surroundings”. This feature helps users record each and every sound that surrounds the cell phone of their kids.

Love Your Kids:

Children will always love their parents no matter what and same is the case on the parents’ side. A slight bit of attitude is changed in case of kids because they are passing through an important phase in their life. Parents need to make use of their experience at such a time and monitor the activities of their kids using a mobile phone monitoring software. Use StealthGenie and you will yourself know how useful it can be for you.