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Inside iOS; Developing iPhone Spy Applications that work

Inside iOS; Developing iPhone Spy Applications that work

As a tech geek, I am always interested in apps and modifications for the iPhone. The main reason being that iOS is the most close natured smartphone OS in the world. Any app developed for it needs to be approved by Apple to work on it. Any unofficial app has to be a work of genius to operate on iOS. That’s why I find iPhone spy apps fascinating as they are very complex and ingenious in nature. However there are very few iPhone spy apps out there which actually work. The one I will be talking to you about today is StealthGenie.

StealthGenie and iPhone

The first thing is to know which iPhone models StealthGenie can operate on; this includes the following:

• iPhone 3G

• iPhone 3GS

• iPhone 4

• iPhone 4S


StealthGenie is a versatile iPhone spy app which offers you a number of functions such as:

• It records all the calls dialed and received by the target phone. The app records and uploads these calls to the user’s account on StealthGenie’s website. From there, the user can download and listen to them.

• It lets you view the contact list and call logs of the target phone. Including details such as the number dialed and the call duration.

• By letting you read the incoming and outgoing SMS messages, StealthGenie makes it possible to completely monitor the communications of the target phone.

• StealthGenie also lets you monitor the phones internet usage by letting you view the web browser history, bookmarks and the emails of the target phone.

• You can also view the data such as pictures, music and videos stored in the phone.

• It also lets you locate the target phone through its GEO location feature.

• Finally StealthGenie allows you to record the live surroundings to the target phone.


With a price starting from 8 dollars a month, StealthGenie can quite easily claim to be one of the cheapest iPhone spy apps on the market. This, along with the wide range of features it offers, makes it highly feasible and an application worth having.