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Should Buying Spying Apps be Any Different from Buying Property?

Should Buying Spying Apps be Any Different from Buying Property?

You want to buy real estate- what would you do? You’d take every measure to make sure that you get the best at lowest rates, the property you intend buying is worth the price and you’d want to make it a profitable investment all the way. Why buying spying apps be any different?

And when buying spy apps is no different, you must take every measure to make sure that you are not fooled and get value for each penny you spend. So as you plan to buy any of the spy apps, make sure that you keep these points in your mind:


Many spy apps have limited features and that why most customers wouldn’t prefer them. StealthGenie on the other hand, has many exclusive features in addition to essential features. So if you have StealthGenie installed on the target phones, you will secretly get to:

  • Record phone surroundings

  • Record calls

  • Read SMS, e-mails and chats

  • Trigger alerts

  • Check pictures and videos

  • Track GPS location

  • View web history

  • Check WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail app

  • Lock phone

  • Wipe and backup phone data

Along with these features, StealthGenie has better after sales services as well. Most spying appsabandon the client after they buy them but StealthGenie doesn’t leave its clients in a fix. You get:

  • Free updates and upgrades

  • Round the clock live customer support via chat

Value for Money:

Unlike many spying apps that I have come across, StealthGenie gives a choice to you to select the package that suits your minoring needs and monetary concerns, too. Based on different price range and assorted features, you can install any of these three packages on Android phones while any one of the two packages can be selected for iPhone and BlackBerry phones:

  • Basic package starting from $8 per month

  • Gold package starting from $13 per month

  • Platinum package starting from $16 per month

Sparing $8 a month is no big deal when you can effectively keep tabs on your kids and employees in stealth mode.


So make sure that you have checked the spy app thoroughly before buying because like real estate agents, spying apps also tend to sell using false claims. What I can say is that StealthGenie has all the features working and it has no bugs, too. Make the smart call and select an affordable way to spy on your kids and employees- because it is important!