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Spy iPhone SMS Messages Of Your Kids And Get To Know Them Better

Spy iPhone SMS Messages Of Your Kids And Get To Know Them Better

SMS messages are the most common time pass for many teenagers using an iPhone. In fact more than a time pass, it is more of a common duty for your kid. Honestly speaking, if you wish to know what your kid does all day, simply get hold for their SMS messages communication and you are on track. You would be thinking as to how you can spy iPhone SMS messages of your kids without letting them know about it. Well, this is not a thing to worry anymore. All you need to do is get hold of StealthGenie and that’s it!


Latest iPhone models up to iPhone 5 are fully compatible with StealthGenie. To start using the services of this spy app, you must sign-up for an account with them before installing it inside the cell phone of your kids. Connect to the internet and gain access to the entire phone data of your kids by simply logging-in with you User ID and Password.

Working With Ease:

This app covers very little space inside the cell phone of your kids and does not let anyone find out about its presence inside their mobile phone. StealthGenie works with extreme professionalism and does not even disrupt any feature of your kid’s cell phone.

SMS Messages:

Complete SMS messages records of teenagers are provided to their parents with the help of this spying app. StealthGenie updates parents with all the messages sent, received and even saved by their kids in their iPhone. If your kid tries to act extra smart, in that case parents may even retrieve all the messages deleted by kids.

Remote Monitoring And Geo Tracking:

The best thing that I like about this app is its remote monitoring. Parents can keep an eye on all the activities of their kids from anywhere in the world and at any time they want to. The ‘Geo Tracking’ feature of StealthGenie helps parents track down the exact location of their kids at any time they want to.

A Blessing:

Child monitoring is not at all a child’s play. Getting hold of all the SMS messages records of your kids is a blessing for parents. So don’t delay any further. Go online, get registered for StealthGenie and spy iPhone SMS messages of your kids with extreme ease.