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StealthGenie Parental Monitoring Software To Protect Your Teenage Age Children

StealthGenie Parental Monitoring Software To Protect Your Teenage Age Children

Are you afraid from the fact that your children might be exposed to all sorts of harmful things through their cell phones? Concerned for them as they might indulge in activities which you want them to abstain from? You want to know about their cell phone activities for proper parental monitoring but you are unable to? Take a breather and relax as we something for you that will solve all your above mentioned problems.

What is StealthGenie?

It is actually software that will be installed in the cell phone of your child but the best thing about it is that your child will be totally unaware of this fact. It is absolutely undetectable hence it cannot be deleted as well.

How does it work?

First of all you have to make a private account on the official website of StealthGenie. The software installed in your child’s phone will retrieve information and transfer to that account of yours to see. Everything will be there for you and you will be in a position to take necessary actions.

What sort of information does it provide?

StealthGenie is the only software in the market that will provide you detailed information about so many activities being performed by your child on his/her cell phone. It will include:

• All the details related to SMS’s

• Call details, duration of the calls

• Details about the phone contacts stored in the phone

• Websites opened using the cell phone browser

• Multimedia files stored in the phone

• Allows you to record and listen to phone calls

• Alerts you in case of SIM changes

All this information will help you in protecting your child from various harmful activities like getting exposed to sexual material on the internet, staying in company with inappropriate persons, indulging in criminal activities, and skipping school for other activities.

StealthGenie; the best parental monitoring tool

Parental monitoring is difficult due to the high privacy of cell phones, e-mails, social websites etc. but it absolutely essential as well. For this StealthGenie is the best tool available as you will be aware of all the activities of your child without making him/her unhappy. Get it installed now and protect your child from all sorts of harmful activities.