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The Android Mobile Spy Any Parent Can Handle With Ease!

The Android Mobile Spy Any Parent Can Handle With Ease!

If you are from the league of parents who deem Android phones are from mars- totally alien- then you do need to change this perception. Want to know what your kids are up to? You got to monitor their Android phones to know it best. I know it’s difficult but Phoggi Android mobile spy app is so easy a toddler can operate!

Is Phoggi Really Simple?

I have used Phoggi Android mobile spy app and this was the first thing I realized- it’s damn easy. You don’t have to do anything difficult- simply select the subscription plan on Phoggi website and fill in your payment credentials. You will soon receive instructions for installing the app on any Android phone. Since Phoggi runs on all Android phones no matter what their make or version is, so you don’t have to fret about a thing. Once you’re done installing Phoggi, you can remotely monitor all data by logging on to your online account.

Android Mobile Spying:

Phoggi will take care of all your monitoring needs because it has all the features you’d need to spy on your kids’ phones. Your kids have no way finding about it because this Android mobile spy app runs in the background of their phones. Also, Phoggi supports all OS of Android phones and thus you don’t have to fret about compatibility issues at all. Phoggi runs fine on all Android phones.

Although installation is a child’s play but even if you do come across any issue, simply discuss it with any customer support representative available on 24/7 live chat support and get it resolved within minutes. Many spy apps that are not so expensive often have a dummy customer support which really doesn’t exist but I have checked with the Phoggi customer support team and I say they they are pretty diligent people. I shot all silly questions their way trying to irk them but they did not fly off the handle even once! But hey, I just did that so I could write this article; it would be impolite to provoke them for no good.


With Phoggi installed on your kids’ Android devices, you will be able to monitor their:

  • Call history

  • SMS

  • Pictures

  • Web history

  • Bookmarks

  • Appointments

  • Geo-tracking

  • Remote monitoring

And what I noted about Phoggi that really interested me was that it’s not expensive. So if parents want to monitor their kids on budget, they wouldn’t have issues because Phoggi’s annual subscription costs around $64.99- about $5 a month which is peanuts! So Phoggi is an effective Android mobile spy well within everyone’s reach- it’s worth it!