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The Mobile Spying Software You Can Rely On!

The Mobile Spying Software You Can Rely On!

It’s hard in these days to find anything that you could rely on. Technology has addressed many of our problems but has created further more problems as well. That’s why you can’t leave your kids and employees unsupervised with sophisticated smartphones. Therefore using some mobile spying software makes sense as it can let you stay in the know. But is there any software you can rely on? Let’s find out.

Spy Software- The Clutter!

It’s time that you get to know the truth about the mobile spying software that can so easily fool you off your hard-earned money. Through gimmicks and flashy websites, they make you believe that their software is good enough for you to spy on your kids and employees with. This is not the case because most of the apps there simply are half as good as the money they charge you and then you can never be sure that they are stealthy enough.

The software That Stands Apart:

StealthGenie, however stands apart. This mobile spying software is capable of advance spying in stealth mode. StealthGenie even allows you to spy on your employees and kids using any of the Android, iPhone and BlackBerry phones. It is even compatible with iOS 6, iPhone 5 and Android Jelly Bean.

Why StealthGenie is Better?

StealthGenie is better because it has a simple user interface, flexible setting options and advanced spying features. But you will also find all the basic features in this mobile spying software as well. The basic features include spying on:

· Calls


· Web history

· Gallery

· Contacts

· Appointments

· SIM changes

· Chats

· E-mails

But the power features give this mobile spying software a different standing among other spy apps because StealthGenie offered a number of advanced features like:

· WhatsApp tracking

· Checking Gmail app

· Tracking BlackBerry PIN messages and Task Logs

· BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage chats tracking

· Recording phone surroundings

· Receiving trigger alerts

· Tracking location history

· Tracking all installed apps on phone

· Locking phone remotely

· Deleting sensitive data

· Backing up data

Worth Giving a Shot?

I would say that StealthGenie mobile spying software is definitely worth giving a shot. Who knows it is exactly what you were searching for so long? So give the Genie a shot and let me know how you liked it!