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Your own business partner; a BlackBerry monitoring app

There are plenty of formalities when you start a business. Some businesses are a single entity headed by a single person, while others involve partnerships. Nowadays, it is such a time that you cannot trust anyone, be it your employees to whom you have provided brand new BlackBerry phones or your business partner who has a latest expensive company car. An intelligent and simple solution to cover both these issues is to end the fuss and make a BlackBerry monitoring app StealthGenie as your business partner and keep an eye on your employees care freely.

How does StealthGenie help you?

StealthGenie helps employers keep a close eye on the activities of their employee’s BlackBerry phone. This remarkable spy app takes only a few minutes of your time and gets downloaded in your employee’s BlackBerry phone without disrupting any features inside it. It runs quietly in the background of your employee’s phone and does not even let anyone find out about it. You simply need a BlackBerry model with an operating system of 4.6 or above to avoid any compatibility issues in future.

GPS tracking and record surroundings:

If you have caught anyone doing something, you cannot make them admit it unless and until you provide them with some proof regarding it. StealthGenie helps employers trace the precise GPS location of their employees with the help of the GPS navigator in their employees’ BlackBerry phone. The “Live Surroundings” feature of StealthGenie helps employers gather a proof by recording the surrounding sounds of their employees’ cell phone whenever they want to.

Call records and contacts:

Records of all the incoming and outgoing calls of employees including the exact time and duration of each call are provided to employers by StealthGenie. Employers also gain access to details of each and every phone number present in the cell phone of their employees.

Perfect business:

StealthGenie can be a perfect business partner for anyone. Who wouldn’t love a partner who keeps an eye on your employees at all times and does not even get involved in any business decisions that you have to make.

Your own business partner; a BlackBerry monitoring app