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New Advanced Audio Control Coming Up for Next Xbox One Update

New Advanced Audio Control Coming Up for Next Xbox One Update

If we name Microsoft and advancement as synonyms of each other, it wouldn't be completely all wrong, though we all know they are not similar in literal meaning. Microsoft is constantly growing by bringing in new features in its updates. Ever since with its update to the Xbox One, Microsoft has not laid back and rest.

Microsoft has confirmed the new updates that will be rolling out soon on audio features. The update will include the firsthand audio controls and upgraded speech recognitions. This new feature will assists in minimizing the conflict, while using X Box one’s Snap Feature. With the introduction of new Sound Mixer Function, now users can customize the audio levels. Even they can adjust the volume levels under the settings menu while chatting using Kinect Camera.

New Advanced Audio update- Letting your voice heard

Microsoft also lets usersto share the voice data voluntarily with Microsoft in order to improve the quality of their voice. However, Microsoft has promised that the setting will be used for better voice quality, thus keeping safety and privacy maintained. It has also been heard that Microsoft will improve the voice recognition software in Cortanafor its Windows Phone 8.1 which will be rolled out soon in the regions outside the US.